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2009 Highlight Video

I planned on completing my 2009 Highlights in early August, but then my Macbook hard drive died and I lost some video clips, among other things.  I am still missing some other clips, but decided to just complete the film with what I had saved.  So, here are the highlights from about 5 games this past season.


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I know I haven’t posted in awhile, close to a month actually.  First off, the hard drive malfunctioned on my mac, putting it out of commision for a week.  This put a dent in my end of the year highlight film, as I lost video of our last 2 games I had on my hard drive.  The video was supposed to be my next and more than likely final post.  However, it is indefinitely delayed.

On a brighter note two of my friends from Serbia are in America.  Laza, our head coach, and Alf, our running back, will be spending 6 weeks in Arizona learning from the coaches at ASU and NAU.  It is their first trip EVER to America.  They spent their first week and a half down at ASU for the opening of their fall football camp and just recently spent a whole week in Flagstaff at NAU.  Yesterday they visited the Grand Canyon and Sedona, two tourist spots here in Arizona.

Luckily I was able to catch up with both of the guys about 2 weeks ago.  I took them out for their first dish of Mexican food, which they raved about.  Then we ran some errands and scouted some gear for them to purchase before they head back to Serbia in late September.  Below are some pics from their adventures so far, taken from Laza’s facebook page.

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The Serbian National team headed over to Bolzano, Italy, on the weekend of July 25th for a friendly American football national game against Italy.  Among the participants for the Serbian team were 12 Wild Boar players and Laza, who is the national team defensive coordinator.

The Serbs put up a good showing, losing 28-7.  Although, reports indicated that a huge momentum changer right before halftime was taken away.  Igor Vukuje (WR/KR from the Klek Knights) returned a kickoff for a TD breaking a 7-7 tie, except there was a block-in-the-back call that took the TD and the lead away.  The Italians came out in the second half with a good aerial attack, adding 3 TD’s for the margin of victory.

I was proud to hear the report from Laza concerning the game.  It sounded like the Serbs played exceptional well.  The Italians were surprised not only by how they played, but by the Serbs knowledge of the game, preparation, and desire.  Indeed, the game of American football has surely evolved in its 6 year existence.

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More Things

Here are some pics of Alf graduating.  He had to present his research as his validation…

Alf getting his point accross during his presentation
Alf getting his point across during his presentation

Many Wild Boars in attendance for Alf's presentation and graduation
Many Wild Boars in attendance for Alf’s presentation and graduation.  Sadly, Stan and I were flying away from Serbia during the ceremony.

Alf with his parents
Alf with his parents after the presentation

Thanks to Laza for sending me the pictures.


Here is a picture of my last meal in Serbia.  It is Cevap, which looks like sausage but is basically Serbian seasoned beef resembling sausage.  The meal came complete with 10 Cevap, tomatoes, cucumber, mustard, and a semi-spicy sauce.  Tasty.

Last meal....MEAT!!!
Last meal….MEAT!!!


And I want to share some pics from my going away party.  I had a little get together the night before I left on July 9th at Caffe Caffe.  I got some really nice going away gifts from my teammates and friends; it was great to see everyone before I took off back to America.

Rasha, myself, and Enter
Rasha(rd) and Enter

Veljko Petrovich!!
Veljko Petrovich!!

Having one of those intense conversations with the Serbs
Having one of those intense conversations with the Serbs

Tomic and Ogi waving bye
Tomic and Ogi waving goodbye

Nina and Rasha, I have to thank Nina for graciously taking all the photos with her camera
Nina and Rasha(rd); thanks Nina for graciously taking all of these photos

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Quick Updates

  • First off, I’m home, back in Arizona.  Got in last Friday morning and stayed with my good friend Erik for a couple of days in Phoenix.  On Sunday I drove up to Pinetop where my parents live.  The ride was 3+ hours and about 300 km.  Pinetop is sooooooooo much cooler than Phoenix, about 20 degrees (F) or more.
  • Alf graduated!!!!  He graduated last Thursday with a degree in Biology & Ecology.  The unfortunate part was that I was on a plane to London as he recieved his degree.  I am trying to find a picture so I can put it up here on the blog.  I am also interested to see a Serbian college graduation.  From what they told me it is NOT like an American graduation.  The graduates do not wear a robe and hat, nor do they trot across a stage for a piece of paper that justifies 4+ years of class, maturity, and parties.  The Serbian graduates sit and wait for their name to be announced, signifying their graduation.

Alf graduated only 4 days after brining home the Serbian championship
Alf graduated only 4 days after bringing home the Serbian championship

  • Stan is now playing in Kouvola, Finland for the next 6-8 weeks.  A team there began speaking with him right after our Serbian championship and with the abrupt ending to our European season the timing worked out nicely for Stan and his new team, the Kouvola Indians.  He left last Thursday, the same day as I did, and played on Saturday (crazy, I know).  Although the Indians lost they put up 30 points within 2 days of Stan installing a new offense, the most points they have scored this season.  I wish Stan luck as he hopes to propel the Indians into the playoffs.

Stan sporting his new #7 uniform for the Indians (I stole the pic from Facebook).
Stan sporting his new #7 uniform for the Indians (Pic via Stan’s Facebook).

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Leaving Serbia

I went to bed at 4 AM, woke up at 6 AM, finished packing, showered, got dressed, and headed to Belgrade.  Aca and Koska picked me up with Filip there to wave goodbye as we departed my now “old” apartment in Kragujevac towards the airport in Belgrade.  We battled some traffic due to the Belgrade Universiade Games and the start of the Exit Festival in Novi Sad (just north of Belgrade).  By 1 PM I was airborn, watching Serbia shrink smaller and smaller in size, finally giving way to a collection of clouds.

It’s hard not to have mixed emotions about leaving.  Yes, I am excited to get back to America.  But, I am sad to leave my teammates, friends, and lifestyle in Serbia.  Everything has to end or else we wouldn’t move on.  Luckily my time in Serbia is ending on an extremely good and fullfilling note.

I want to share a list of things I will miss about life in Serbia, in no particular order:

  1. Playing football
  2. Mama, my favorite Serbian lady from the cafeteria
  3. Attempting to learn Serbian words by saying them incorrectly out loud 50 times
  4. Knjaz Milosh lemon mineral water
  5. Indeks sandwiches
  6. Serbian women
  7. Serbian girls
  8. The independence of the stray dogs
  9. Gypsies
  10. Learning about years and years Balkan history as I run with Zmija
  11. Lav pivo
  12. Saying Marko Vujanac’s name to Filip
  13. Addressing China by his full name, Veljko Petrovich
  14. Telling Veljko Petrovich to quit frontin’ when he is my hood
  15. Club China, a.k.a. inside Veljko Petrovich’s car
  16. Wrestling Alf after practice
  17. Being one of 2 Americans in a city of 200,000
  18. European chocolate & orange Tofita
  19. Talking Serbish (Serbian-English) to Tomic
  20. Being able to understand Tomic while speaking Serbish amongst each other
  21. Having to look the other person in the eyes when giving “cheers”
  22. Giving “cheers” everytime a new person joins a group or gets a new drink
  23. Outdoor caffes/caffeinas
  24. Giving away the tape on my wrists after winning a football game
  25. The hospitality of the Serbs in general
  26. All the good people I had the pleasure of knowing/interacting with

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I have mentioned before that Serbs LOVE to party and celebrate just about anything.  I mean, they celebrate the New Year twice in a span of 2 weeks.  Once for the traditional calendar year on January 1st and again for the Orthodox New Year on January 13th.  If it can be celebrated, the Serbs find a way to celebrate it.

Things got pretty rowdy after our victory on Sunday.  At night we visited Veljko’s grave before heading through town with a slew of cars honking, yelling, waving our WB flag, singing, chanting, and showing off the trophy in parade-type style.  The people throughout the city didn’t seem to mind, in fact the ones sitting at cafe’s probably ordered another drink on our account.

We made our usual stop at Balkan.  On hand was an accordian player which promoted singing the entire time by the Serbs.  I learned the traditional Serbian dance as we drank champagne out of the championship trophy and chanted some more inbetween songs.  Then 60 + people took to the streets, stopping traffic on one side of the road for close to a half-mile.  Songs and chants were well-recieved as random Serbs shouted with us, honked, flashed their lights, and nearly hit us while manuerving around the group.

We reached the end of the main street and came to a main 4-way stop near the big park in the city.  We finished off our shenanagins with our traditional post-game circle as Alf lead us through the cheer and breakdown, amidst 6 honking cars unable to turn left.

Some of the pictures I woke up with:

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